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Helen recently traveled to London to attend a workshop held by Wingwave Group.  The course was attended by people from various parts of Europe.  Helen gained a great deal of knowledge into the coaching method that is a combination of Limbic System Eye-tracking, Myostatic muscle reaction, developing new cognitive pathways. There are currently only two people trained in Australia to provide this method.  Helen Dugdale is based in Narrabri and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. (NB: This coaching method in no way, takes the place of a medical practitioner’s advice).

Helen is now a certified NLP practitioner.
NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is an advanced method of communication skills – getting the best out of the client, helping them to overcome fears and achieve goals and create new patterns of behaviour.

Principal: Helen Dugdale, (Dip AP Sci; Grad. Dip.Ed; TAE Cert IV)

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  • Sustainable Rural Communities Conferences
  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy, School based Traineeships
  • Surveys developed, analysed and reported.  
  • Personal Development Workshops – devised and delivered
  • Narrabri Education Foundation (inaugural board member 2002)
  • Primary Industries Health and Safety partnership
  • Chris Lehmann Young Achievers Trust 
  • Horizons Rural Scholarships- Committee
  • Narrabri Regional Training Centre steering committee
  • Youth Centre Foundation Member
  • Speaker at the Australian Cotton Conference
  • Climbed Mount Kilamanjero 2012
  • Ran the London Marathon to raise fund for NEF 2014
  • Certified NLP practitioner. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Qualified Brain Coach


London Marathon



Australian Brain Coaching |  Helen Dugdale  |  0417064507   |  2 Violet Street, Narrabri, NSW 2390  | helen@australianbraincoaching.com.au

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